Latest Doosan release completes the ‘family’

THE launch of the 40-tonne DX380LC-7 has completed Doosan’s 30-40 tonne family of Stage V excavators. 

The new Stage V machines are said to introduce ‘major enhancements’ in operator comfort, machine controllability, productivity, uptime and return on investment.  

The DX380LC-7 Is powered by the Scania DC09 Stage V-compliant diesel engine, providing 240 kW of power at 1800 RPM. There are four power modes available on all three machines. Operators can set the power mode (P+, P, S or E) in both one-way and two-way working modes.

The latest model features Doosan’s D-ECOPOWER technology, which focuses on the role of the hydraulics system. Doosan explained that the technology utilises an electronic pressure-controlled pump within a closed centre hydraulic system to achieve increases of up to 26% in productivity and up to 12% in fuel consumption improvements, depending on the mode selected. The D-ECOPOWER system uses nine sensors to detect the amount of hydraulic oil necessary for a specific task and precisely meter the amount of oil required rather than continuously forcing a fixed amount of oil through the system.  

Doosan added that improved feedback to the operator through the joystick results in better machine control and less operator fatigue. The acceleration and deceleration of the excavator workgroup functions are also said to be smoother, allowing operators to perform repetitive swinging and digging motions with less jerking movements.