‘Revolutionary’ mini spider crane pops up in the market

UNIC Cranes Europe has launched the new UM325 pop-up mini spider crane, designed to ‘redefine efficiency and flexibility’ in specialised lifting operations.

Powered by lithium high-capacity battery pack and the ability to charge while working, the UM325 features a 2.9m–10m main boom, along with a newly introduced fully hydraulic telescoping luffing jib/searcher hook attachment. This attachment has a maximum capacity of 1,000kg, an extension range spanning from 2m-5.7m, and a luffing range of -10° to 80° offset.

With this added capability, the UNIC UM325 achieves a maximum lifting height of 17.8m and a maximum working radius of 16m.

The extendable tracks are said to enable enhanced stability and manoeuvrability. Benefiting from a pick and carry function, the crane can be used for both lifting and carrying loads.

Graeme Riley, CEO of UNIC Cranes Europe, said, “After unveiling our prototype at bauma 2022, we sparked considerable interest from our dealer network clients. Following this, we’ve collaborated closely with UNIC Furukawa in Japan to further develop the product’s capabilities for the UK and European markets.

“Now, we’re ready to distribute our first batch of UM325 cranes through our dealer network and make them available for hire in the UK market. We’re eager to partner with our existing customers to introduce this innovative and unmatched product to the market.

“The new, increased flexible variable outrigger design features five different off settable angles and three different extensions, allowing the UNIC UM325 to work in tighter, more restricted areas while maintaining excellent load ratings. The pop-up turret design enables the crane to be used closer to walls and obstacles than ever before by reducing the rear overhang, providing maximum versatility.”

The UNIC UM325 boasts full remote-control operation including travelling, setup, outrigger deployment including auto-levelling, and all crane functions.

The mini spider is fitted with the RaycoWylie i4500 system, while non-marking tracks are included to reduce the impact on delicate surfaces.