New Point of Rental solution empowers hire consumers with digital info access

POINT of Rental has introduced a new QuikLink feature in Syrinx 365, designed to provide an easy-to-use method for consumers to access and share hire documentation, generate off-hire requests, and report breakdowns.

The firm said the solution reduces the reliance on paper, whilst providing key information and updates to consumers without requiring phone calls or numerous emails. 

When businesses send contract-related emails using Syrinx 365’s QuikLink, contract references link directly to the contract details. A dashboard stores item documentation, including spec sheets, operating instructions, and certificates, along with links to request off-hires or report hire breakdowns. 

“Consumers expect to get the information they need, quickly,” said director of product operations James Morley. “QuikLink allows people to get the information they need to have a successful hire transaction, all at once.”