Develon mini provides a touch of glass in home renovation project

Develon DX20Z-7

A new Develon DX20Z-7 mini-excavator has been utilised to install panes of glass in a Spanish home.

The two-tonne model was bought by Ciment i Estructures Costa Brava, a company located in Girona, Spain, and put to work on a house renovation project.

Manager Ismael Cabrera said the advantages of using the machine been ‘multiple’. “The mini-excavator was able to move freely inside the house, even going down the narrow stairs of this single-family home,” Ismael explained. “This has translated into operator comfort, savings in time and costs, and provided a solution where other larger machines were unsuitable.”

The Develon DX20Z-7 mini-excavator boasts a zero tail swing design described as the ‘ideal solution’ for working in small and indoor spaces. When fully retracted to a width of 950mm, a retractable undercarriage allows the machine to fit through tight spaces. But when fully extended to a width of 1,360mm, Develon added that it provides the excavator with ‘optimal stability’. The undercarriage is extended and retracted using a switch located on the control panel.


In the Spanish home renovation, a number of tasks were carried out with the mini-excavator, most notably the installation of approximately 26 panes of glass on the facades and interiors of various sizes, weighing between 320 and 400kg.

To do this, a special suction cup attachment had to be attached for installing the glass. Develon explained that normally this type of implement is used on a truck crane, however, being able to access certain windows directly from inside the home made installation much easier.

Ismael Cabrera added, “We find projects are increasingly more difficult and refurbishments are even more so. In our area, special jobs are very expensive and we have to try to do the work with our own workers and our machines, so that it is profitable. Previously we carried out this type of work with rented machinery. Now we save on hire costs, paperwork and by doing it ourselves we bring it together better and in a more agile way.”