Landmark ‘drone in a box’ innovation demonstrated

DIGITAL solutions specialist Smart Construction, a brand from Komatsu, recently invited key professionals from a variety of sectors to witness the UK’s first demonstration of the ‘drone in a box’ solution from DJI.

The Dock 2 is DJI’s first dedicated drone in a box solution for surveying, enabling automated and remote drone deployment for ’round-the-clock and on-demand’ data collection.

The product can be supported by software such as Smart Construction’s Dashboard, which uses as-built data to create a digital twin, enabling site managers, surveyors and other team members to measure progress, calculate volumes, and control finished work within a collaborative platform.

The launch, hosted at Smart Construction’s UK base in County Durham, included a variety of demonstrations such as the DJI FlightHub 2, followed by Smart Construction’s Edge 2 and Dashboard. Keynote speakers from the DJI Enterprise, heliguy and Smart Construction were in attendance.

Richard Clement, deputy general manager of Smart Construction, said, “This is a huge milestone for Smart Construction and heliguy. This launch is a UK first and will help to modernise the earthmoving industry. We’re really excited to roll this out into the industry during a pivotal time of change as digital solutions become common practice. We’re looking forward to providing new technology to meet our customer’s needs and continue to provide effective digital solutions.

“Drone technology will revitalise the earthmoving industry by increasing productivity, avoiding data black holes, and allowing virtual data to be presented live in real-time. Unlike DJI Dock 1, Dock 2 can survey construction sites, a huge progression that we are very proud of.”

Ruairi Hardman, business development manager, at heliguy, added, “We were thrilled to stage this demonstration of DJI Dock 2 at Smart Construction’s HQ. It was the perfect backdrop to showcase the Dock 2’s capabilities for the construction sector. The Dock 2 is an exciting addition to the drone industry and heliguy can help organisations integrate it into their workflows.”

heliguy is a DJI Dock partner and helps organisations integrate drone technology into their workflows.