New Hitachi facility will focus on achieving zero construction site emissions

HITACHI has announced it will establish a new research facility for collaborative creation with customers and partners to achieve zero emissions in May 2024.

The ZERO EMISSION EV-LAB will be located in Ichikawa, Japan. The equipment there is planned to include battery-powered electric excavators manufactured by Hitachi, as well as mobile energy storage systems and other related construction equipment.

Isuzu Motors, ITOCHU Corporation, Kyushu Electric Power Co, and others will also join the facility as partners, and will work together through to establish business models.

The lab will feature demonstration areas to simulate sites where electrically powered construction machinery and equipment are in operation, along with a communication area where visitors can exchange opinions and come up with new ideas.

Hitachi said that to achieve zero emissions on construction sites, it will be necessary not only to introduce electrically powered machinery, but also to provide customers with the power grid solutions that include the development of charging equipment and other infrastructure, as well as the implementation of efficient operations.

To promote zero emissions, Hitachi established the Zero Emissions Business Planning Project in October. As part of that, the company signed a memorandum with Kyushu Electric Power concerning the joint development of mobile energy storage systems for the Japanese market, as well as a memorandum with ITOCHU and Alfen B.V. of the Netherlands concerning plans to start the sale and rental of mobile energy storage systems in Europe.