Groundworks contractor makes it a double with new CASE excavators

KENDAL-based groundworks contractor Andrew Harvey has snapped up a 2.5-tonne CASE CX25D and nine-tonne CX90D, to assist with a broad range of projects around the Lake District.

Supplied by local dealer Dennis Barnfield, the mini and midi-excavators are equipped with engcon tiltrotators and the company has a Digitec iDig 2D machine guidance system that can be used to maximise versatility and productivity.

Andrew Harvey started the groundworks business in 1997 with a CASE 580 backhoe loader and has been using machinery from Dennis Barnfield ever since.

The two latest excavators have been built to the company’s specification, with additional counterweight on the smaller CX25D to offset the weight of the tiltrotator. The CX90D is equipped with rubber bolt-on track pads, allowing the machine to work on finished driveways. Both models have extra LED lighting to aid visibility.

The side and rear glazing has been tinted to prevent glare in the cab on sunny days.

Andrew Harvey’s son Mark, who joined the company four years ago, is driving forward the use of technology, including the investment in the tiltrotators and machine guidance system. The company has a growing range of attachments, including pallet forks and a grading bar, which may soon be joined by a materials handling grab.

“It’s just a completely different way of working,” explained Andrew Harvey. “We looked at another brand, but we wanted to be sure of dealer back-up. We’d had the CASE machines supplied by Dennis Barnfield and they are training up an engineer on the engcon tiltrotators, so we will have someone to talk to if necessary.”

The company purchased its first eight-tonne CASE excavator in 2006 and had moved up to a 13-tonne model in the past. However, the CX90D is said to offer the perfect combination of size, power and reach for Harvey’s mainly residential contracts. Having the main boom mounted in front of the upper structure, with an offset facility, also makes the CX90D ideal for tighter working conditions and, when combined with the tiltrotator, it is possible to operate across a wider envelope around the machine, rather than relocate on the tracks.

“The nine-tonne machine has bags of reach and it’s really stable,” Andrew added. “We can lift a full pack of blocks over the side on pallet forks, even with the engcon tiltrotator. It’s got the dozer blade as well, which makes it perfect for us.”

Mark Harvey added, “The D-Series is a lot lighter on fuel than our previous machine. We are saving 1-1.5 litres an hour against the C Series. It’s fast and it’s smooth, you really can’t knock it.”