Getting to know…Will Redman

Will Redman

Will Redman is distributor manager (north) for dumper specialist Thwaites. He is responsible for managing the manufacturer’s supply of products to dealers in the region, and also has a role in marketing and preparing for trade events.

Thwaites is gearing up for another busy year in 2024, including the launch to market of the firm’s much-anticipated three-tonne electric dumper and removal of all manual transmissions.

Will recently told Project Plant why the Scottish market is so important to Thwaites,  the safety and environmental enhancements he’s seen in site dumpers in recent years, and why everyone should experience working in retail at some point in their lives…

Q) What’s your background? How did you break into the plant industry?

A) I joined British manufacturer Arrowhead Rockdrill in May 2015 as UK sales manager, responsible for the company’s excavator attachments, hydraulic breakers, compaction plates and post driver range.

Developing their UK dealer network was my primary role, substantially increasing market share in my five years in the job. I really enjoyed working at Arrowhead Rockdrill and quickly grew my network of contacts in the plant industry where I felt at home, with an eagerness to succeed.

Q) What does your current role at Thwaites comprise of?

A) In my role of UK distributor manager (north), I manage the distribution and supply of Thwaites dumpers to Molson Scotland, Lloyd Ltd, BTE Plant Sales and Nixon Hire & Sales.

Other responsibilities include an active involvement within our marketing team (yes that’s me presenting product videos on YouTube!) in addition to the planning and implementation of our trade show events.

Q) What are some of the most recent innovations in the Thwaites product range and what trends are you seeing in the market at the moment?

A) The new Thwaites 3t electric dumper was launched at bauma in Munich last October and the UK Executive Hire Show this February. Visitors to the stands all expressed high levels of interest in the product, which will be available in 2024.

Thwaites are also going fully hydrostatic this year, meaning the removal of all manual transmissions which will see further improved control and increased braking performance – all for an even safer on-site solution. Look out for further new Thwaites models launching at Hillhead in 2024.

Q) How important is the Scottish market to the overall Thwaites business?

A) Scotland continues to be a key market for Thwaites and one that I am personally extremely proud to oversee, spending a significant time in the country from both a professional and personal perspective.

Thwaites dumpers can be seen on the majority of housebuilding developments across Scotland, in addition to major infrastructure projects. Thwaites compact machines continue to be well utilised by Scottish contractors, landscapers and the nation’s tool and plant hire businesses.

Q) How closely do you work with your distributor network? What makes for a good dealer?

A) I communicate with my distributor network every day. This can range from the dealer principal, directors, sales managers or the service team.

It is also important to hear from our distributor’s customers, the businesses who own and operate Thwaites dumpers.

All my distributors are genuinely lovely to deal with; I am fortunate that I have such a strong group that communicates openly with me, trusts me and allows me to be a part of their business, working towards a shared goal of further increasing market penetration and share.

Q) What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen when it comes to site dumpers?

A) I joined Thwaites in 2020 at the time the company introduced its Stage V engines to comply with the latest emissions standards.  Thwaites machines are also compatible with HVO fuels where we have seen an increasing demand in the UK.

As a leading manufacturer, Thwaites sustainability evolves constantly, finding new ways to be cleaner and have less detrimental impact on the environment both in our own facility, our supply chain’s, and of course, on site.

Safety is our number one priority. The safety of dumper operators and those on site that come into contact with dumpers, is an area where so much has and is being done to further reduce risk on site.

Cabbed dumpers, improving visibility and proportional control are areas where significant progress is being made to protect.

Q) Career highlights?

A) Being appointed at Thwaites was a very proud moment. To be recognised and trusted with representing a premium construction brand was something I will never take for granted.

Going in front of the camera to present the Thwaites one-tonne Hi-Tip safety video, all to promote good, safe working practice for less experienced hirers, was certainly a highlight. This felt very rewarding and was well received by our network of distributors, hirers and end users.

Q) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A) My dad always told me and my brothers, ‘always make sure you can sleep easy at night’. I take this to mean you should always try to make the best moral life decisions and work to address any day-to-day issues as they occur. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Q) Any funny anecdotes from your career?

A) When I worked in retail in the 00’s enjoying the wrath of the general public. An American once asked me for directions to ‘Wet Herby’. I said I’d never heard of it. He said it’s ‘near Leeds’. He meant Wetherby! Another customer asked me if hi-viz jackets came in black. I kid you not. Everyone should work in a shop on a high street at some point in their lives.

Q) How do you relax when you’re not working?

A) Weekend walks in the Peak District with my wife and kids, a pub meal and home in time for the footy usually.

The best thing is getting on the training pitch with my Under 8’s football team. I find this really helps to clear my mind and detaches me instantly from the working day. Seeing children improve their technique and grow in confidence, on and off the pitch, is something money can’t buy. I would recommend it to anyone out there who has the desire and can find the time. We need more coaches!