CEA shows support for Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts

Suneeta Johal

THE Construction Equipment Association (CEA) is exhibiting at the Rebuild Ukraine conference in Warsaw, Poland to showcase its support for the war-torn nation’s reconstruction efforts.

The exhibition and conference, taking place from November 14-15, is said to mark a ‘pivotal moment’ in the efforts to reconstruct Ukraine. The event draws a spotlight on infrastructure, industry, energy, and housing.

Suneeta Johal, the CEO of the CEA, will be in attendance, representing both the CEA and its members. Her presence is part of the larger UK Pavilion, hosted by the department of business & trade.

“Our presence at ReBuild Ukraine is a testament to the CEA’s commitment to playing a pivotal role in Ukraine’s reconstruction,” Suneeta said. “It is important for us to represent our members here, to showcase what our members have to offer, and to contribute to the global conversation on rebuilding infrastructure sustainably.”

The exhibiton and conference is set against the backdrop of Ukraine’s dire need for reconstruction, following the devastating impacts of conflict on its infrastructure and energy sectors. Visitors and guests will see a ‘unique exposition’ of construction technologies, equipment, and materials. The exhibition will showcase green technologies and the global achievements of the construction and energy industries.

One of the conference’s central themes is the restoration of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Discussions will revolve around energy security, the decentralisation of energy generation, and the development of green energy.

The CEA’s sister association, the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE), is also in attendance.

The conference is also a platform for collaboration, bringing together representatives from Ukrainian and foreign governments, as well as businesses, to address the challenges of rebuilding.