Komatsu to launch quarry fleet management system

KOMATSU Europe has revealed plans to launch its Smart Quarry Site fleet management solution at the end of this year.

The system focuses on six key areas: safety, site management, production, machine health, maintenance, and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for quarry operations and large civil construction projects.

Smart Quarry Site provides real time data of all machines in the fleet, their payloads and production rates. The solution is designed to help increase safety and production and reduce operating costs by identifying issues and bottlenecks.

“Smart Quarry Site gives our quarry and large construction customers an ongoing real-time overview of every machine’s movement and condition and allows to visualise opportunities and achieve targets for each,” said Daniel Heussen, general manager business transformation at Komatsu Europe. “Important KPI’s for the whole fleet, such as payload, fuel use and machine work time, are reported to let site managers make educated decisions without having to spend hours analysing raw data.”

With a unique ID, operators can log in to the system and receive instant information. The in-cab screen gives real time feedback on current payload, material type and destination.

Data can be exchanged between machines via a mesh network of peer-to-peer connections. When a machine is in an area with no connectivity, data shared on this network will automatically upload once one of the mobile machines comes back within range.

Thanks to this mesh network, Komatsu explained that the loader and truck will connect, allowing the loader’s operator to optimise the truck payload with every cycle.

The dashboards and real-time view facilitate quick access to fleet and production information for back-office personnel. At a glance, they provide details on aspects such as safety, production, idling, CO2 and fuel and machine status.