Rokbak creating ‘significant stepping stones’ towards a net zero future

Charlie Urquhart

ROKBAK has provided details of ‘ambitious’ sustainability goals the Motherwell-based hauler manufacturer has implemented in a bid to reduce its environmental impact.

As part of the Volvo Group, Rokbak is aligned to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Specific aims include a 30% reduction in CO2 by 2030, a 50% factory operations emission reduction by the same year and becoming net zero by 2040.

These incentives are said to have influenced the design of Rokbak trucks, the daily operation of the Rokbak Motherwell factory and a ‘strict adherence’ to the company’s sustainability roadmap.

“A lot of work has gone into our sustainability drive over the years,” explained Charlie Urquhart, Rokbak product manager. “Rokbak’s heritage, knowledge and resources mean that we’re constantly developing and looking to improve the trucks and the way we operate, in a manner that benefits our customers.”

Rokbak revealed it has employed strategies including fuel consumption analysis, examining alternative fuels, extending maintenance cycles, and lessening maintenance consumables.

With fuel consumption being the biggest cost of operating a machine, Rokbak added that its RA30 and RA40 EU Stage V engines produce a fuel consumption saving of up to 7% when compared to the previous EU Stage IV engines.

The haulers have ‘lean burning engines’. The RA40 has a transmission fluid change interval of 6,000 hours, while the RA30 offers 4,000 hours. Both models are compatible with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel.

“When the customer buys a Rokbak hauler, they are acquiring a hauler that has been developed with sustainability in mind,” Charlie added. “It is a hauler that has been manufactured on a site powered by green energy and redirects waste away from landfill.”

The Motherwell factory is completely powered by sustainable sources. Working towards accreditation on a zero-waste-to-landfill policy, 95% of generated waste is diverted away from landfill.

Internal trackers inform employees how much energy has been used in comparison to the previous week and ‘green champions’ are recruited from throughout the business to promote sustainable practices.

“It’s to make sure everyone’s doing their bit,” Charlie said. “Whether you’re monitoring power tools usage or remembering to switch off the lights and air conditioning, you’re part of a united drive.

“We are creating significant stepping stones towards a sustainable future. And this not only results in less waste being generated, but also benefits the Rokbak customer’s wallet.”