Liebherr and Leica expand range of semi-automatic machine control systems

LIEBHERR and Leica Geosystems have expanded the range of semi-automatic machine control systems for Liebherr Generation 8 crawler excavators.

Leica’s machine control systems are already available in different versions for Liebherr diggers. They include the 2D passive and 3D passive machine control system for Generation 6 and 8, as well as the 2D ‘3D-ready’ semi-automatic and the 3D semi-automatic for Generation 6.

The availability of semi-automatic machine control systems, both 2D ‘3D-ready’ and 3D, has been extended to Generation 8 excavators, meaning they are now available for the R 922, R 924, R 926, R 928, R 930, R 934, R 938 and R 945 models.

Liebherr said productivity can be ‘significantly increased’ by using a semi-automatic machine control system, with work capable of being carried out more precisely over a longer period.

Generation 8 machines with a passive machine control system can be retrofitted with a semi-automatic system by means of a corresponding software package at the customer’s request, provided they are equipped with a Master 5 Premium.

2D or 3D machine control systems from Leica provide operators with information about the height and inclination of the machine as well as the corresponding position via the display in the cab.

While a 2D machine control system is designed for working from flat and sloping surfaces, a 3D machine control system uses reference models and GNSS to guide the operator. Through 3D GNSS positioning in conjunction with 3D model data, all information on excavation and removal as well as the machine’s position on the construction site is visible in real time.

With the 2D ‘3D-ready’ variant, work can be done immediately in 2D, either passively or semi-automatically depending on the purchased option. A 2D control can be upgraded to a 3D machine control system at any time.