Powered access firm launches enhanced maternity policy for employees

Shamala Shiad with her son Eesa

POWERED access specialist Nationwide Platforms has introduced a new maternity policy as part of its ambition to provide inclusive work environment

The updated policy ensures employees receive 13 weeks of full company enhanced pay. Prioritising the importance of a good work-life balance, Nationwide Platforms said the new policy acknowledges that stay-at-home parents caring for new-borns are still dedicated professionals.

The maternity policy aims to alleviate financial stress and provide peace of mind, allowing parents to dedicate quality time to their child during the critical early months.

Shamala Shiad, a strategic account manager, is the first employee to benefit from the new policy. “It really is a game-changer,” she said. “Having experienced maternity leave before with my older children, Eshan and Rayan, I can truly appreciate the difference. The reduced financial anxiety allows me to devote my full attention to my new-born son, Eesa.

“As mothers, we know how remarkably sensitive babies are to the slightest, often subconscious, changes in mood and demeanour. Being able to ensure that I’m calm and happy has done wonders for these first few months.

“With the peace of mind provided by the enhanced policy, I’ve been able to focus on establishing a routine that works for both Eesa and me, ensuring a smoother transition from work to motherhood.

“I’ve even transferred my usual job-centred organisation onto my parenting approach! I know exactly when Eesa needs to feed and when he needs to nap, which makes both of our lives easier.”

Nationwide Platforms added that its commitment to supporting working parents extends beyond the enhanced pay. During maternity leave, the company provides a range of resources and initiatives, including general wellbeing days that can be accessed remotely, to ensure employees feel supported and connected. Employees are encouraged to participate in parent-themed sessions, where they can share experiences and best practices and find a sense of community among fellow working parents.

While working during leave is certainly not mandatory, Nationwide Platforms also provides remote sessions designed to ease employees back into work towards the end of their leave period.

“Whilst I value the time off during maternity leave, I also do love my job and find the work fulfilling,” Shamala added. “I’ve felt no pressure to be working while raising Eesa, but it’s important for me to know that I can touch base if I want to. There’s full support for all kinds of working arrangements; Nationwide Platforms works around the parent and around their schedule to ensure it’s as stress-free and convenient as possible.”

Robyn Molyneux, senior regional HR business partner for Nationwide Platforms and the driving force behind these initiatives, commented, “We value our employees and understand the importance of providing comprehensive support during significant life events. Our enhanced maternity policy is just one example of our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. Gender equity is something we all need to focus on and improve, and we hope this maternity policy encourages other companies to adopt more inclusive business practices.”