Council plans to repair 1,000 potholes following purchase of JCB machine

Councillor Kelly Parry and provost Debbi McCall

MIDLOTHIAN Council has unveiled plans to ‘permanently’ repair 1,000 potholes in six months using its new JCB Pothole Pro.

The recent purchase of the machine – which can repair a pothole in as little as 30 minutes – was marked by the local authority by the launch of a competition to name it.

Attracting almost 200 suggestions – from Sir Filly Connolly to Harry Potholer – the council chose The Tarminator as the winning name.

Midlothian Council leader, councillor Kelly Parry, said, “We thought this was the perfect name for a powerhouse of a machine that’s our latest ‘weapon’ in the ‘fight’ against potholes.

“Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed himself recently filling in what he thought was a giant pothole. The former Mr Universe can still put his back into it but imagine how much easier it would have been if he’d had our Tarminator?”

Provost Debbi McCall added, “The Pothole Pros’ revolutionary technology means the roads crews can cut, crop and clean with one machine and all they need to do is add tar.

“And the good news is it’s a permanent fix that should last the lifetime of the road so hopefully there’s no need to say ‘I’ll be back’.”

JCB Pothole Pro manager, Ben Rawding, commented, “We are delighted that Midlothian Council has joined the growing number of local authorities in Scotland investing in the JCB Pothole Pro.

“The JCB Pothole Pro really is living up to its name by fixing potholes quickly and permanently.

“It is helping to keep more than 10,000 miles of Scotland’s roads pothole free, thanks to investments in the machine by five leading local authorities, which are responsible for maintaining more than one third of the country’s highway network.”