Metso Outotec confirms name change

METSO Outotec’s AGM has approved the board’s proposal to change the company name to Metso Corporation.

“After the successful integration of Metso and Outotec, we will focus on growing a strong unified Metso company and brand,” explained Pekka Vauramo, president and CEO of Metso. “We have combined two valuable companies into one strong Metso.

“Our focus is clear: we continue enabling sustainable modern life and transforming the industry with a clear strategy and strong culture, supported by a name that is short yet established and well recognised among all our stakeholders. “Services are an extremely important part of our business, requiring a strong name.”

Ouotec continues as a product brand and is said to carry ‘significant value’ as the name of some key technologies and products.

The change of the parent company name Metso Corporation became effective from may 4, but globally the change will be implemented in a phased manner. Metso added that the visual identity of the company remains unchanged, but the new name is reflected in the company logo.