engcon launches ‘new and improved’ machine hitch

ENGCON has announced it is introducing a ‘new, improved’ machine hitch for excavators in the 12-19t class.

In addition to making the hitch stronger, the manufacturer said the retrofitting with EC-Oil blocks will be easier as the hitch contains ‘almost no hoses and minimises the risk of leaks’.

Customers will also notice the new bolt-on EC-Oil block has an increased hydraulic flow.

“Thanks to our innovation-driven work with a focus on the end customer, our customers can rely on engcon to always deliver state-of-the-art technology,” said product manager Martin Engström. “Our package should be the complete solution and the premium product that our customers want, now and in the future.”

engcon added that advantages with the machine coupler S60 include reinforced construction both laterally and in the digging direction; increased stability around attachment points to the machine that contributes to a better operating experience; and improved and more flexible hose routing between excavator and machine hitch.