Develon confirms double mini-excavator launch

DEVELON is introducing two new mini-excavators in the form of the DX62R-7 and DX63-7 six-tonne Stage V models.

The machines are described as ‘ideal’ for work in confined spaces and are powered by the new D24 diesel engine providing 44.3 kW (59.4 HP) of power. Despite offering an 8% increased torque of 26.5 kgm/rpm, Develon explained the engine still provides a 7% decrease in fuel consumption.

The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 utilise a load sensing system based around a new main control valve, said to result in a longer spool stroke for improved controllability and working efficiency/performance compared to the models they replace.

Both machines offer a high auxiliary flow of 90 l/min to enhance work with attachments. The flow capacity can be monitored on the touchscreen in 10 steps and controlled using the thumbwheel on the joystick.

The new cab is described as ‘very roomy’ for this size of machine and features a full glass entry door to maximise visibility on this side of the machine from inside. A rear-view camera is optional, while standard high luminance LED work lamps are included.

Key features of the new cab include a heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system as standard; DAB radio; sunglasses case; eight inch touchscreen; air suspension seat with heating; thumbwheel joystick; A/C control panel keypad; USB charger & socket; foldable pedals; and dozer control.

A new two-part bonnet cover, with fully opening centre and side segments, gives easy access for maintenance work, Develon added. There are two fuse boxes in the cab on the left hand side of the heater box. The positioning of the fuses under the seat and next to the heater box is designed to ensure it is easy to remove a bracket.

The DX62R-7 and DX63-7 mini-excavators have the latest Develon fleet management TMS 3.0 cellular system installed as standard, which provides a telematics management system for the excavators.