17m electric telehandler launched to UK market

GGR Group introduced the Faresin 17m electric telehandler to the UK market at Vertikal Days last week.

On display was the 17.45, the largest model in the range and part of the Faresin ‘Big Range Full Electric’ series, which includes 14.42, 17.40 and 17.45 machines, offering maximum lifting capacities of 4.2, 4.0 and 4.5-tonnes respectively.

Each built around the same chassis platform and featuring a 45kW/h (105Ah) battery, these machines are described as offering run times of up to eight hours non-intensive use and up to 3.5-hours intensive use. An onboard charger is included as standard, while there is also a universal charging socket.

Daniel Ezzatvar, GGR’s marketing & special projects director, said, “The work that has been done on the battery technology is best-in-class at the moment and the developments that have been made truly lend themselves to making the machines better suited to the practicalities of electric infrastructure on today’s construction sites.

“After being involved in this project from the beginning and seeing how the product has evolved in response to data and user feedback, it is safe to say that it has been a truly collaborative effort. Everyone has had their part to play Faresin as the manufacturer, GGR as the main importer and our trail-blazing customers, who initially took a leap of faith, but have now seen that the equipment is proven and reliable in the field.

“You only need to look at the fact that nine 17m machines were pre-ordered as soon as the product was announced. That was without even having the opportunity to demo the new machines. The 6.26 full electrics have proven themselves and the technology works.”

The UK launch of the 17m full electric telehandler comes exactly a year after Faresin’s 330, 400 and 560ah batteries were launched at Vertikal Days 2022.