‘Very strong’ Q4 growth sees equipment sales exceed 2021 levels

Image credit: Shutterstock

SALES of construction equipment in 2022 finished above 2021 levels, new analysis has revealed.

Following ‘very strong growth’ in the final quarter of the year – when sales were 20% higher than the same period 12 months earlier – sales for the full year were 2.9% above 2021 levels, comprising 37,400 units.

The figures were revealed by the construction equipment statistics exchange, run by Systematics International. This scheme is run in partnership with the Construction Equipment Association (CEA).

By exceeding 2021 levels, which were higher than the peak levels reached in 2018 and 2019, sales in 2022 were the highest since before the financial crash in 2008.

With a strong focus on decarbonising the construction sector, sales of electric powered machines doubled in 2021. However, annual sales are still only in the hundreds, highlighting the need for more investment in charging infrastructure and further development and promotion of electric power within the industry.

Q4 2021 saw ‘very strong sales’ of excavators of all types, representing a recovery from earlier in the year when the market experienced supply difficulties from Asian markets in particular.

Telehandler sales for the construction industry rose by 15% in 2021. Sales of wheeled loaders were described as ‘weak’ in the last quarter and ended up being the poorest performing of the main equipment types at 3.5% below 2021 levels. In contrast, sales of road rollers picked up at the end of the year and ended up at just under 2% below 2021 levels.