AMPS appoints new director general with mission to ‘raise profile and broaden scope’

David Oates

AMPS (the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems) has appointed David Oates as director general.

The trade association for the UK’s diesel and gas engine power generating sector said David’s role will seek to ‘raise the profile and broaden the scope’ of the organisation both in the power gen sector and in the wider regulatory and government environment.

Having graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University with a degree in business management, David moved to England to join the Honeywell Automotive Organisation focusing on turbocharging and EGR segments across UK & Europe with responsibility for sales, business development and application engineering.

He joined Finning in 2006 as general manager, then director of the power systems business, a position he held for 12 years.

David took on the role of MD for Pramac-Generac UK from 2017 to 2020.

With the family’s decision to move back to Scotland, he joined the DTGen team bringing his experience in power generation and associated industries to the organisation.

Speaking at an AMPS brainstorming meeting, David said, “My goal is to ensure that AMPS continues to be seen as the official voice and authority of the industry with both government and regulatory bodies. We hope to make it a wider engaging organisation that represents the ideas and thoughts of all members both directly and indirectly.

“Ensuring the exchange of ideas and information across the membership is key to the ongoing success of AMPS, either through regional meetings or various trade events across the country.”

AMPS chairman Paul Aitken commented, “We look forward to David’s engagement with AMPS in this newly created role & welcome him to the Association on behalf of the entire membership. He is buzzing with ideas and has already made a start on refreshing and reinvigorating the association.”