SMT GB appointed distributor for Unicontrol 3D machine control system

SMT GB has been appointed as a Unicontrol distributor in Britain, with the 3D machine control system said to be capable of being retrofitted to the majority of construction equipment products in the country.

Created by Danish developers in collaboration with Scandinavian contractors, Unicontrol’s system has been described as a platform that grows with end users through adoption of machine control technology.

Utilising advanced GPS and 3D modelling technology, Unicontrol’s 3D machine control system is designed to allow operators to work more independently, as the indicative system provides information on required digging depths, grades and shapes to work to.

The system is not tied to any one machine within a customer’s fleet and is designed to be interchangeable.

Unicontrol uses a cloud-based app to allow customers to manage their fleet and projects. Teams can create entire projects digitally, assign specific machines fitted with Unicontrol’s system from their fleet to carry out these projects, view insight data from equipment working on the project and, if required, make adjustments to the project as it progresses.

Commenting on SMT GB’s appointment as the largest Unicontrol distributor in Britain, product manager John Lawrence said, “The UK market is faced with many challenges. Making a cost-effective, easy-to-use 3D machine control system available to construction companies will alleviate some of that pressure.”

Unicontrol chief commercial officer Ehsanullah Ehklas added, “The UK market faces the same challenges as the entire industry, shortages of skilled labour, tighter cost controls and escalating supply chain pressures. A cost-effective, easy-to-use 3D machine control system will remove some of that pressure, and ensure that the operator can do their work quickly and safely. SMT GB’s service level and expertise are an excellent match for us, and we look forward to introducing the benefits of Unicontrol 3D to the UK market together.”