High security fuel storage containers launched amid theft fears

MHM Group has confirmed the launch of a range of high security fuel storage and management systems.

The firm revealed the move is in line with a 300% increase in security enquiries this year and soaring fuel costs, with concern growing since the red diesel ban in April 2022 which means the white fuel now found in storage containers can be stolen and decantated directly into cars.

MHM’s multi-purpose fuel storage containers can be paired with generators or heaters.

To combat fuel theft, the tanks consist of a two-part locking system which can also be monitored virtually with telematics so that customers can track fuel levels remotely. Users can set phone or email alerts when the tank is being used.

MHM sales director Brad Ireland explained, “We believe this increase in queries is due to the recent rise in fuel costs, as well as the red diesel ban in April. Red dye allowed law enforcement to identify and quickly prosecute illegal usage, but with the construction, demolition and other industries making the change to white diesel, there is no way of differentiating or spotting the stolen diesel.

“We are delighted to launch our latest product range of fuel storage tanks to the hire-to-hire industry. To meaningfully address the fuel theft crisis, we have included a range of products in our secure fuel storage fleet, including the SteelCube tanks that can be paired with generators or heaters.

“Our ready-to-rent tanks have the option of an all-new tracking solution which sets us apart from others in the market. We can provide our customers with innovative and integrated solutions that monitor their fuel safely, as well as increase business efficiencies by producing less waste.”