Cat Productivity system vows to provide platform to boost machine performance

FINNING is encouraging customers to sign up to the new Cat Productivity platform, a cloud-based system designed to gather and analyse machine data to boost performance.

Users will be able to track how much time their machines spend loading, hauling and dumping and how work is progressing – whether they are on site or not.

Finning said the analysis will mean customers are better placed to make informed decisions to ensure their equipment is performing to a higher level.

Tom Barker, performance solutions consultant for Finning UK & Ireland, explained, “The Cat Productivity platform gives customers the information they need to implement the right changes to improve site productivity by lowering the cost per ton through measures such as reducing idle time, reducing fuel monitor material tracking, and track individual assets to ensure they are optimally positioned to reduce cycle time.

“We already have a number of customers utilising the platform and have had some great feedback from them because it’s so easy to use and gives them all the information they need in one place, both for reporting purposes to their client and to implement effective changes which add up to big improvements in productivity.”

Cat Productivity can be accessed from any internet device and can be used for mixed fleets of Cat and non-Cat machines. It gathers data from sites and machines into one platform on matters such as tonnes per hour, cycles per hour, load count by site or asset, working vs. idle hours, and machine fuel burn.

Finning revealed that in a Cat production study which looked at two scenarios, insights from Cat Productivity led to an optimised bucket-filling process which delivered a 20% advantage in cycle time, and an optimised truck-loading process which led to a 23% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Jobsite Dashboards allow users to view a summary of multiple sites and metrics on one screen, while one click into the Productivity tab allows a ‘deeper dive’ into weekly load counts by asset and site for example, and cost totals for idle time and per tonne. The platform also provides a map so users can monitor the movement of their assets and monitor dump events.