Taking control: Rototilt launches own joysticks at bauma

ATTACHMENT specialist Rototilt has been unveiling its own joysticks at bauma 2022.

The manufacturer had previously announced the launch of the Rototilt Control concept – but had kept news of the joysticks under the radar.

“RC Joysticks are strengthening our product offering and providing us with even greater opportunities to influence the end user’s experience of the tiltrotator system,” said product manager Caroline Jonsson. “The design work has been both comprehensive and intensive, and we have set high standards to ensure ergonomics, user-friendliness and functionality. We are extremely proud of the product we are now launching.”

The Rototilt Control product concept aims to provide better operability, improved energy efficiency and new technology in a ‘cohesive’ system.

Caroline Jonsson added that Rototilt considers it natural to deliver a complete system of tiltrotators and control systems from the same manufacturer, to satisfy the industry’s demands for safety and CE marking.

Through field tests involving both male and female operators, as well as collaboration with product designers in this area, Rototilt’s objective has been to develop handles that are suitable for a wide range of hand sizes without compromising on fit. Thanks to a digital keypad, the manufacturer revealed they also provide scope for future adaptations in relation to the machine.

Caroline added that the things users will notice most clearly are the patented angle adjustment and the palm rest.

“Rototilt Control has been developed as a complete system,” she explained. “RC Joysticks, the user display in RC System and the pressure-compensated hydraulics in RC tiltrotators deliver greater precision than all our previous systems. The overall package will be perceived as much more agile, as it provides the user with complete control over the excavation movement.”