New Bobcat mini track loader ‘not to be underestimated’

BOBCAT has announced the launch of the new MT100 mini track loader, which removes the need for manual labour and replaces the use of wheelbarrows, shovels and hand tools in a range of applications.

With a standard width of 904mm (increasing to 1,045mm with the wide track option), the manufacturer said the reduced dimensions of the model provide ‘easy passage’ through narrow gates and doorways and aid work in tight spaces.

The integrated ride-on platform gives users a wider view to the sides of the machine as well as the bucket cutting edge or attachment.

Bobcat added that the ISO joystick controls on the MT100 are ergonomically designed and provide ‘finely tuned precision’ so that controlling the machine is ‘safe, easy and comfortable’.

John Chattaway, loaders product manager at Bobcat, said, “With the MT100 mini track loader, users can travel and work in the tightest spaces where other machines cannot. The MT100 should not be underestimated – it does serious work: from cleaning up under conveyors at quarries and waste sites to digging, trenching, tilling and moving materials and more on construction and demolition sites. The MT100 also offers the attachment versatility of larger Bobcat compact loaders.”

The MT100 mini track loader delivers a rated operating capacity of 460kg, a tipping load of 1,314kg, and a lift height of 2,057mm.

Bobcat said the moveable counterweights system adds more capability and allows the user to tailor the lift capacity or ground engagement depending on the application. As standard, the counterweights sit in the front undercarriage to provide ‘optimal’ ground engagement. Moving them to the rear uprights increases lift capacity to 485kg and the tipping load to 1,387kg when required.

The model is powered by a Stage V 25 HP engine. Bobcat added that the track drive and 41 l/min auxiliary hydraulics ensure the MT100 can be used for multi-function work, carried out using the many different attachments.

With a ground pressure of 36 kPa, the standard 180mm narrow tracks are said to provide good protection for most turf and finished surfaces. The optional 250mm wide tracks further reduce the ground pressure to 30 kPa. The MT100 also has a ground clearance of 205mm.