Hitachi mini-digger does the heavy-lifting work at elephant haven

EUROPE’S first elephant sanctuary has revealed the role its Hitachi ZX38U-5 mini-excavator is playing at the site in Limousin, France.

Elephant Haven welcomed 54-year-old Gandhi in October 2021 and has since been building shelters, loading supplies and generally looking after its first resident.

“Elephants need so much care and attention – even without Gandhi’s age-related health problems like arthritis – so we are glad that our Hitachi ZX38U-5 mini excavator can help with the heavy-lifting work,” explained Elephant Haven founder Tony Verhulst.

The Hitachi Premium Used ZX38U-5 is also being used to transport and turn clay, which Gandhi can use to ‘protect herself against insects and the warm French sun’ and loosen sand in her shelter.

“This is the perfect job for our Hitachi excavator – even if the clay is sticky or dense, the machine is unstoppable,” Tony added. “Working in the sandboxes is not always easy, but the ZX38U-5 can easily manoeuvre in a confined space, and it does not make much noise, so Gandhi gets on well with her hydraulic companion.”

Elephant Haven will soon receive a new resident at the growing sanctuary. 38-year-old Delhi is due to arrive from Ústí nad Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic.