New machines and technologies to take centre stage for Bobcat at bauma

BOBCAT has provided details of what it has in store for bauma 2022, with plans to show off several new products and technological developments for the first time in an exhibition setting.

The stand will feature the latest Bobcat wheeled and tracked loaders, mini-excavators (including four new additions in the five to eight-tonne category), the latest R-series telehandlers, light compaction products, and new attachments. Complementing these are new machinery debuts and the latest in electrification, digitisation, autonomy and gamification.

“Many of the Bobcat products being presented at bauma will be showcased for the first time,” said Gustavo Otero, president Doosan Bobcat EMEA. “Over the last three years, we have significantly reworked our portfolio, added new product ranges and at bauma, we will premiere even more new product categories.”

The new S86 R-Series skid-steer loader and T86 R-Series compact track loader replace the previous 700 and 800 M-Series loaders. Said to deliver a higher engine and hydraulic output, both models use a Stage V-compliant 3.4 l Bobcat engine – producing 78 kW (105 HP) at 2600 RPM.

Bobcat added that both machines feature three different auxiliary flow outputs. There is a standard flow configuration providing 87 l/min for applications such as load and carry, or where low hydraulic flow attachments are used, as well as two additional hydraulic performance functions using the new Electronic Displacement Control (EDC) pump: a High Flow function giving 138 l/min and a new, and Super Flow function taking auxiliary flow to 159 l/min.

Also on display in Munich will be the quad track concept, which is a bauma Innovation Award finalist. Currently being tested in markets in the USA, the quad track concept allows the wheels of selected skid-steer loaders to be replaced with four individual track pods, which Bobcat explained has the result of effectively converting them into tracked loaders.

Benefits are described as including increased flotation, reduced ground pressure, and better traction on wet ground compared to traditional wheeled skid-steer loaders, with a ‘smoother’ ride compared to two-track compact track loaders.

Together with a number of other electrification developments, the Bobcat T7X concept is designed to address emission and noise reduction goals. The 62-kWh lithium-ion battery pack can give four hours of continuous use. Bobcat revealed this figure is made possible partially by a load-sensing power management system, which automatically reduces the power output to be no more than is required for the task at hand. Operators can also manually tune the performance for specific jobs.

“Another striking feature of the T7X which really stands out from any loader on the planet is the fact that there are virtually no fluids in the machine,” commented Joel Honeyman, VP of global innovation at Bobcat. “The traditional hydraulic work group has been completely replaced with an electrical drive system consisting of electric cylinders and electric drive motors. The only fluid that goes in the machine is about four litres of eco-friendly coolant.”

The machine has a rated operating capacity of 1,374 kg and zero CO2 emissions. At bauma, Bobcat said it will be using the T7X to gather feedback from customers who work in different applications so the company can understand market opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“The T7X was designed with productivity, zero emissions and technological supremacy in mind,” Joel Honeyman added. “The machine aims to deliver minimal carbon footprint, reduced noise and vibrations and lower maintenance needs, all whilst boosting productivity. Bobcat will also be looking to study the regulatory needs in Europe and aftersales infrastructure readiness.”

The Bobcat Transparent Touch Display concept will also be showcased. This has been developed in conjunction with LG Electronics and BSI Research and utilises OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. Bobcat explained the system provides a ‘transparent, engaging’ touch display solution embedded within the glass structure of the cab. The display can be positioned on the front windshield or side window on a range of Bobcat machines, including mini-excavators, telehandlers and loaders.

Operators can customise the display with smart widgets and interactive applications, to integrate data relevant to the site or daily activities.

Bobcat will also be presenting the new 3.5-tonne E35 electro-hydraulically controlled mini-excavator for the first time. The hydraulically controlled joysticks are replaced by an electro-hydraulic system, which allows Bobcat to customise the controls to all levels of operator skill.

“With the help of integrated sensors, the machine can also carry out some semi-automated tasks helping the operator with precise grading and levelling, trenching or repetitive tasks such as return to dig among others,” said Vijay Nerva, head of innovation and acceleration, Doosan Bobcat EMEA. “We want to show the capability of such a concept and prove the value it brings to the operator‘s job and their productivity.”