Kubota launches new machine tracking system

KUBOTA has announced the launch of a new telematics portal to help operators increase machine efficiency and security.

The Kubota Tracking System portal enables users to stay informed about the KX080-4a2 machines in their fleet, and can be accessed via a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

“As costs in other areas of construction rise, we are trying to develop new ways to help Kubota machine users understand where savings can be made and efficiency increased,” said Rob White, division manager, construction at Kubota UK.

“Our Kubota Tracking System, that’s being launched on the KX080-4a2 initially, ensures operators can access all the data from their machines at the touch of a button, allowing them to make informed decisions. This includes considerations around servicing times and fleet movement, alongside additional benefits such as increased visibility of machines that helps with security.”

The portal shares informative data that helps users access operational performance and consider management decisions. Owners can view locations via GPS tracking to oversee the movement of each KX080-4a2 excavator. Geofencing is also available which allows users to designate specific areas of use for each machine, with the portal sending notifications if that machine leave the area.

The portal provides alerts which show a machine’s faults, while there is also constant analysis of real-time parameters of parts such as machine work rate, operating times, actual operation, occupancy rate (as a percentage), idling time, DPF regeneration history, water and oil temperatures, and fuel consumption.

“Having access to all this real-time data provides the opportunity for Kubota excavator owners to really streamline their processes and adapt fluidly to any and all situations,” Rob added.