Firm is boxing clever with new handrail innovation

EQUIPMENT protection specialist Digger Guard has announced it has developed a lightweight polymer handrail system, which will launch at Hillhead 2022.

The new ‘boxing ring’ system is said to be up to 75% lighter with equivalent strength to steel counterparts and doesn’t corrode or need painted.

From a safety perspective, Digger Guard said its patent pending system doesn’t interfere with 3D guidance systems, while the design dampens vibration fatigue to limit failure points.

“Our design team collaborated with Hitachi Construction Machinery, its customers and end-users to understand what could be done better, and how to add value,” said Andy Leaver, head of product development for Digger Guard. “The outcome is an advanced product that’s cognisant of the needs of manufacturers, distributors and operators.

“We’re helping to meet everyone’s goals across downtime, running costs, safety, and sustainability – there’s no room for complacency in the yellow goods industry and we’re here to deliver both confidence and competitive advantage.”

Digger Guard’s handrails follow in the footsteps of the company’s patented vandal guards – a cab protection system utilising a watertight and noise-reducing roof storage box. Both products were tested in trials with Hitachi Construction Machinery.

“Following successful tests and field trials, we’ve rolled out Digger Guard’s vandal guard and new handrail systems across a series of excavator models in our fleet,” a spokesperson for Hitachi Construction Machinery commented. “We’re continuously looking for ways to enhance our offer to our customers and operators and working with Digger Guard on these ancillary products has helped us to achieve that.

“Their new polymer handrail system is an exciting step forward. Feedback has been very positive and we wish them every success with their launch.”