Auger Torque adds cone crusher bucket to portfolio

ATTACHMENTS specialist Auger Torque has announced the addition of the cone crusher bucket to the company’s product offering.

The product has been engineered to work with excavators (2.5T to 8T), skid steers, backhoes and telehandlers. Auger Torque described it as providing a ‘simple, efficient, and cost-effective’ way to reprocess or recycle small volume construction rubble and debris into useable aggregate.

The bucket can be used in applications including foundation laying, track and yard surfacing, landscaping, and roadways.

Features include a bucket mouth for scooping and sorting; seven-sided rotating cone inside a cylindrical drum; grinding faces made in steel and tungsten carbide; and is built around a series 3.5 sub gearbox.

Matt Hencher, global engineering manager, said, “The cone crusher bucket is a great product to add to our portfolio, perfect for construction, agriculture, farming, estates and so on. It removes the hassle factor of arranging skips to take rubble away and waiting for hardcore to be delivered.

“With sales already in UK and Europe, and 60,000 views of our video on Tik Tok, we’re really excited for the opportunities this product presents across all our locations.”