Speedy unveils new lifting and handling safety solution

SPEEDY has announced the launch of a new sack truck for its delivery fleet and service centres to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries.

The lightweight aluminium Alu-Truck was developed alongside BIL, Speedy’s material handling equipment supplier. Features include a round back to transport gas cylinders more easily, rounded handles for comfortable manoeuvring, and an extra-large foldable base plate.

More than 800 of the units are rolled out.

Speedy revealed it has also developed an undercarriage kerb-side compartment with its truck builder PPS, which are being installed in 445 of its delivery vehicles to house the Alu-Truck.

Andy Johnson, HSSEQ director at Speedy, said, “The safety of colleagues and customers is always our top priority. The nature of our business means that there is an inherent risk of manual handling related injuries, which we’re working hard to mitigate through staff training and by investing in tail lifts, ramps and winches to reduce the need to lift, pull or push equipment.

Andy Johnson

“The Alu-Truck is a product of collaborating with our operational teams and our suppliers to solve this key safety issue together. The bespoke sack truck is designed specifically for routine delivery jobs that we carry out and to handle heavy items like trench rammers and plate compactors. The new undercarriage compartment on our delivery vehicles makes it easy for drivers to access an innovative and safe way of loading goods onto the trolley.”