Boss Cabins builds bespoke welfare units to help with Ukrainian refugee crisis

BOSS Cabins has revealed it is donating two bespoke welfare cabins to help with the refugee crisis unfolding on the Ukraine/Poland border.

The company has built and kitted out two 20ft cabins free of charge, which are due to be shipped on Monday April 11. They will be used by local charity ‘Open Door Lutsk’, which is helping Ukrainians who have had to flee their homes.

The cabins will be sent to the areas most in need and will act as check points, aid stations and support units. They are being taken to Poland free of charge by Montgomery Transport, an Ireland-based company which has taken regular shipments of humanitarian aid to the border since the crisis started.

In addition to the welfare units, Boss Cabins’ employees, with the support of local people, will be filling the cabins with donated medical supplies, blankets and other sanitation items that the charities have said are most needed.

Sarah Butcher, head of customer experience at Boss Cabins, said, “From the moment we heard and saw the terrifying scenes in the Ukraine we knew we had to do something to help, it’s truly heartbreaking. We contacted the Polish Embassy to find out how we could best help and they put us in touch with charities on the frontline Polish/Ukraine border who said these cabins will help their work immeasurably.

“We have had a phenomenal response from our factory workers who have pulled together to push this project through, putting in extra hours and working weekends to get them done. The cabins we are sending are already an eco energy-saving specification but we tried to think of extra things that may help in this crisis situation such as adding extra solar panels to give more functionality if fuel is in short supply.

“Boss Cabins will support the Ukraine and its people for as long as necessary and with the support of my incredible team here at Boss Cabins, we will continue speaking to local Polish/Ukranian charities and do all we can to help.”

Boss Cabins chairman, Duncan Wordsworth, added, “Speaking both for the company and for myself personally, I have extreme sympathy with the people of Ukraine whose lives have been irreversibly damaged by this war. I know this is just a tiny drop in the face of the huge crisis engulfing these people, but I hope that by donating these cabins we will go some small way to help alleviate their suffering.

“I have been moved by the commitment all our staff have shown to this initiative and am extremely proud of the efforts they have made to bring it to fruition.”