QR system is up to code for Edinburgh crane firm

EDINBURGH-based Bernard Hunter Mobile Cranes is reporting improved efficiencies after implementing a new QR code, paperless document access system.

The business revealed it has removed the need for regulatory and compliance paperwork to be carried onboard its mobile crane fleet. The QR code system simply requires a windscreen sticker, which can be scanned by a site manager’s mobile phone when arriving at a job.

MD Mark Rafferty explained, “We’ve all become used to scanning QR codes for track and trace during the pandemic, so when the Capja Limited, paperless document access system came onto our radar, it had to be investigated immediately. Our company ethos has always been to challenge the status quo by utilising the latest technology available.

“Now our team can sit at their desk and literally drag and drop the appropriate files into each crane’s folder on screen. Once in the folder they are immediately visible when the relevant QR code is scanned. It’s literally that simple.

“The saving on paper and photocopying bring two environmental benefits straight away with material and energy usage. All the crane drivers need to do now is ensure the windscreen is clean in front of the QR code and they’ve no paperwork folders inside the cab.”

The use of QR codes also extends to its staff team, with both crane and lorry drivers, along with site staff, all having a personal key fob with its own QR code.

“We can link CPCS and Driver CPC cards to the QR code, in addition to other professional qualifications such as manual handling and site inductions. Proof of a negative Covid test can also be put on the system if required,” Mark added.

The firm has also linked its latest VLT roller brake tester and dynamic axle weighing equipment into the software. Customers can view a brake test and axle weight reports, carried out immediately prior to departure for a specific job.

Mark Rafferty has extended the system to his truck and trailer fleet. He said, “We also added our fork lift trucks to the system and the yard space is dominated by storage of loose equipment such as chains, spreader bars and various pieces of mobile crane equipment. They’ve all had tags attached with QR codes and our depot staff can now check the insurance certificates are up to date in seconds. There’s now much less manual handling required when stocktaking or monitoring this kit.”