Lifting solutions specialist becomes partner member of Supply Chain Sustainability School

GGR Group has announced it has joined the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) to help drive sustainability and collaboration within the construction sector.

The firm revealed it has provided a variety of ‘green’ lifting solutions over the years, designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Innovations include the development of a battery crane in 2010, ahead of its official production model launch as the Eco-UNIC in 2014; and more recently the introduction of a fully electric telehandler in 2020.

Daniel Ezzatvar, GGR’s marketing & special products director, said, “GGR have championed the use of low emission and eco-friendly solutions for a many years. Over 80% of our equipment can be described as ‘eco-friendly’ because it is either battery powered or mechanical.

“We see our involvement with the Supply Chain Sustainability School as a partner member as a way to enhance our overall approach to sustainability, whilst gaining insight into best practise from across the supply chain.”

Sales director Michael Heneghan added, “In today’s commercial environment, it is important for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Government policies are filtering down to influence and drive client demand. Our involvement with the Supply Chain Sustainability School enables us to be at the forefront of this agenda, where we can be pro-active in working with new and existing clients to develop sustainable solutions for their projects.”