Hyundai unveils three new A-series excavators

HYUNDAI is launching three new EU Stage V-compliant A-Series crawler excavators in the 13-15 tonne sector.

Powered by Cummins diesel engines, the reduced tailswing HX130A LCR, conventional HX140A L, and reduced swing HX145A LCR are said to feature improved hydraulic control for ‘enhanced productivity and increased uptime’.

Hyundai said the Cummins F3.8 diesel engine produces a 3% increase in power and 12% more torque in the HX140A L compared to its predecessor. Particulate Matter (PM) is reduced by 60% with no requirement for AdBlue in the HX130A LCR, with no EGR for larger models.

There is also an Eco Report function to assist operators in achieving improved efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, while a new Lifting Mode improves fine hydraulic control through engine rpm reduction, power boost action and pump flow control. An upgraded Intelligent Power Control (IPC) optimises hydraulic pump flow rate and power to match the machine’s working conditions, Hyundai added.

Though offering similar operating weights, the HX130A LCR, HX140A L and HX145A LCR deliver different performance operating envelopes to suit a range of requirements. The reduced swing HX130A LCR is powered by a 55kW (74hp) version of the Cummins F3.8 engine. When using a CK-4 E/G engine oil, Hyundai explained this engine offers service intervals of up to 1,000 hours. The HX130A L also features ECD engine connected diagnostics.

The conventional counterweight HX140A L uses a more powerful 100kW (134hp) version of the Cummins engine. With ground-based access to all filters and fill points, the model also boasts 1,000-hour service intervals when using CK-4 engine oils. Engine connected diagnostics and Hyundai’s Hi MATE remote management system are included.

The third new machine is the HX145A LCR. This reduced tailswing model is said to be particularly suitable for applications where space is at a premium, such as utilities, road working and housebuilding. Featuring the same 100kW (134hp) output as the HX140A L, Hyundai revealed that the engine delivers an 8% power boost over its predecessor, while delivering a 4% fuel economy gain and a 60% reduction in PM emissions. The HX145A LCR is also described as delivering up to a 6% fuel improvement in levelling work and a 3% drop in consumption during truck loading, compared to the HX Series model working in P mode.

As with the conventional tailswing models, the compact radius excavator offers service intervals of up to 1,000 hours when operating with CK-4 E/G oils. The machine features Hyundai’s HCE-DT Air, permitting wireless connection from a smartphone or laptop on site.

Hyundai added that the The HX A Series cab structure is built to deliver ROPS and optional FOG safety levels. Cabin space in all three new models has been increased by 13% and feature a new grab handle design in the door, making it easier to access the driver’s seat and improving visibility to the side of the machine.

The cab has an 8” capacitive-type touchscreen, which can be controlled through an automotive-style jog/dial module. This also controls the accelerator and remote air conditioner. Single pedal straight travel is offered as an option.

Safety features include a new electronic swing parking system to control the swing brake function. An Auto Safety Lock prevents unintended operation and the excavators can be specified with mirror view cameras and Hyundai’s AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) camera system. This includes IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection) that informs the operator if people or objects are detected within the range of operation.