Hire and services firm expands eco tool portfolio

SPEEDY has announced it has increased its ECO tool range by investing in 1,800 new Hilti cut off saws.

The hire and services firm said the new DSH 600-X model is designed to operate for four years, compared to the two-year lifespan of an average cut off saw used in construction. Speedy added that the saws have a disposal rate of 99.7%, meaning almost all of the product can be recycled and reused or incinerated to generate energy.

Hilti will provide repair support for the hire provider’s assets to help maximise the tools’ lifespan. The models are suited for laying paving, masonry work, metalwork and construction applications.

Speedy revealed the saw has a 120mm cutting depth on a 300mm blade, with a water pump to minimise dust intake by the operator.

Andy Connor, supply chain director at Speedy, said, “Cut off saws are our bread-and-butter, being a tool that’s so regularly used on any typical construction site. It’s crucial that we always have good availability of these core products to help keep contractors’ projects moving.

“The Hilti saw delivers a competitive spec-sheet for our customers, while helping us to deliver on our environmental ambitions. Equipment that works into the circular economy has less embodied carbon from the extraction and processing of raw materials used in the manufacturing process, while creating less waste. Expanding our fleet with more recyclable and long-life equipment forms a major part of our strategy to become a net zero company before 2050.”