Hire specialist commits to net zero carbon future

SPEEDY has committed to adopting science-based targets (SBT) to achieve net zero carbon emissions before 2050.

The hire specialist plans to reduce the carbon output of its fleet through the use of solar, hybrid, electric and hydrogen technology.

Speedy added that its targets will be verified by the SBT initiative and published, alongside the first year’s progress, over the coming financial year.

The move follows on the heels of other sustainability commitments including: trialling a number of electric delivery vehicles including two converted electric London taxis; a company car list that consists almost entirely of hybrid and electric vehicles; launching a seven-tonne Electra eStar rear-steer beavertail body truck in the UK (in partnership with Sterling GP); and switching to fuelling powered access machinery exclusively with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

Russell Down, Speedy’s chief executive, said, “I am proud to announce that we are the first hire company in the UK to commit to net zero carbon emissions under science based targets before 2050. We are committing to this to challenge ourselves in a transparent and measurable way.

“As a key enabler within the supply chain, our aim is to inspire confidence in our people, customers and supply chain partners by reducing the carbon output of our hire and vehicle fleet through the use of new technologies. We will be working collaboratively with all our stakeholders to deliver net-zero carbon within the industry.”