Firm launches ‘first of its kind’ zero emissions dust suppression system

A ‘first of its kind’ zero emissions dust suppression misting system has been launched in the UK.

The battery powered Rotary Atomiser (RA) system comes three years in the making from Air Spectrum Environmental.

The air quality solutions expert said that the machine can operate for approximately eight hours on one single charge, with it not generating any harmful emissions or noise pollution.

The misting system uses rotary centrifugal energy and can be programmed to provide over 15 metres of misting at a variety of droplet sizes.

It is designed to work with Air Spectrum Environmental’s range of non-toxic chemical additives for odour control and disinfection, as well as dust control.

The firm said it was developed to meet higher customer demand for sustainable solutions and to fulfil its own environmentally responsible agenda.

Steve Hunt, MD of Air Spectrum, said, “The ecotech Rotary Atomiser is the result of three years of comprehensive development, and designed to reduce carbon emissions during the dust suppression process.

“It represents our commitment to our clients, the environment and prioritising air quality in all our solutions. It’s a first for us, and for UK industry.”