Sustainable equipment solution set to light up Glasgow climate summit

SPEEDY has revealed the firm has been chosen to light up the perimeter of the upcoming COP26 summit in Glasgow with a sustainable lighting system that has been tipped to save an estimated 6,200 litres of diesel and 16 tonnes of CO2e.

Speedy’s national support centre, located in Glasgow, is supplying 400 linear lights which will run for two miles around the security perimeter of the venue.

The bespoke solution has been developed specifically for the event and is made up of LED lighting towers and low energy beam control lighting heads. Speedy said they are ‘highly efficient’, offering up to 200 lumens, or light energy, for each watt of power consumed.

The lighting system will be in place for five weeks and is designed to prevent noise pollution and fumes that would be produced if the lighting was powered by diesel.

Speedy’s low carbon lighting system is also being used on a number of other major infrastructure projects where sustainability is key, including HS2 and national core renewal rail projects.

Daryl Doherty, rail director at Speedy, said, “As such a historic and significant climate event, COP26 needed a supplier with the technology to deliver a low carbon solution to lighting, minimising the impact on the environment. COP26 will set out the gold standard for green events, so everything that goes into its infrastructure and management needs to be sustainable.

“Speedy is a leading supplier of low and zero emission lighting, which is helping contractors in the events, construction and rail sectors to slash emissions. Being selected as the delivery partner to light up COP26 recognises our track record in delivering sustainable solutions across major UK projects, and offers us a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how our innovative low carbon lighting technology can play an important role in delivering a carbon-zero project.”

The contract win follows Speedy’s £6.3 million investment in low carbon lighting to help contractors reduce carbon emissions through electric-only operation. The business also recently partnered with Generac to develop a plug-in hybrid outdoor lighting tower, called the Speedy V20 ECO Hybrid.