Vital equipment airlifted in to iconic funicular railway project

HHH Equipment has revealed its role in the supply of vital equipment to contractors involved in the work to strengthen and reinstate the iconic funicular railway at Cairngorm Mountain, which has been out of action since 2018.

A new FRD Furukawa FXJ175 hammer has been supplied by the company to specialist slope contractors Geo-Rope Ltd for use on a Menzi Muck A91 spider excavator so that concrete supporting piers, which are fundamental to the structure of the viaduct that supports the railway, can be reinforced.

HHH Equipment explained that the FRD FXJ175 is particularly suited to this task due to its ‘adaptability and high power to weight ratio’, which is even more significant given that the equipment must be delivered by helicopter to a height of up to 1,080m above sea level.

Choosing a new hammer also meant that the hydraulic system had to be clear of any mineral oil making it compatible with the environmentally friendly biodegradable oil used on the specialist excavator.

A FRD SencioLube system was also specified onto the hammer, allowing the operator to stay safe in the cab whilst on the steep slopes, and also enabling use of Furukawa’s biodegradable Sencio-White Bio Rod Paste.

HHH Equipment’s Callum Mackintosh said, “We are thrilled to be playing a small part in the strengthening work to the funicular railway at Cairngorm Mountain. The delicate process of excavating around the back of the piers and exposing the foundations is a challenge, however the experienced operators of the excavators make it look effortless, gently shaping the old concrete and rock. The view from the cab beats any other office view!

“This is such an iconic piece of infrastructure in the Highlands and like many local businesses, we can’t wait to see it up and running again.”

Niall Mclean, director of Geo-Rope, added, “HHH Equipment has been supporting us with attachment solutions for some time now, on the advice of Callum Mackintosh and from our own experience with hammers, we decided the best choice for this project was the FRD FXJ175. It really punches above its weight.”