Ready made solution: Engcon and Takeuchi collaborate to reduce lead times

ENGCON has revealed that Takeuchi is improving lead times for its dealers by introducing an Engcon Ready option for the TB295W excavator.

The attachment specialist said the move marks the start of an ‘expanded collaboration’ between the two businesses, with the aim of offering factory-installed and integrated solutions.

The Engcon Ready option for the TB295W is the result of Engcon and Takeuchi teaming up to enable ‘plug and play’ installations.

Fredrik Eklind, product owner at Engcon Control Systems, said, “The TB295W is the first machine to have Engcon Ready as a factory installed option. A smart choice as we see in many markets excavators equipped with an Engcon tiltrotator.”

Eklind said the factory installation of Engcon’s proportional control system, ergonomic handles and a locking system, reduces the time it takes to get the machine ready at the dealer. “The only thing missing when the machine reaches the dealer’s workshop is an Engcon machine hitch and a tiltrotator for the configuration to be complete,” he added.

The Engcon Ready option means the model is delivered with Takeuchi-labelled Engcon handles, machine-adapted cable gland and a hydraulic locking solution that is adapted for Engcon’s fully automatic machine hitches. Engcon Ready has been developed with Takeuchi, installed at the Takeuchi Nagano factory in Japan, and is covered by the same factory warranty as the rest of the machine.

Production of the TB295W installed with the Engcon Ready solution started in August 2021 and the first units will be delivered shortly to selected markets in Europe ahead of a global launch.

Fredrik Eklind added, “The collaboration with Takeuchi provides benefits to everyone involved and enables customers to experience the harmony created by Takeuchi TB295W and the range of compatible Engcon products, control systems, tiltrotators and automatic machine hitches.”