New guide advises plant operators on use of technology to improve safety

BRIGADE Electronics has unveiled a new plant operators guide to help improve efficiency and safety on sites.

The free resource offers information on how operators can improve safety through the provision of technology. These solutions include ZoneSafe, which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to create detection zones around vehicles.

Emily Hardy, marketing manager of Brigade Electronics UK, explained, “Safety on worksites has never been more critical. As heavy industries continue to feel the effects of a pandemic-induced skills shortage, companies must be extra vigilant. When resources are stretched, or new and less experienced workers are brought on site, the risk of accidents is heightened.

“We appreciate that it can be difficult to research the many different options available. Our guide helps plant operators to understand the variety of vehicle safety solutions on offer and how they meet the specific requirements and legislations for heavy plant machinery. We’ve also included some real-world scenarios and details of how these have positively impacted the operators involved.”

Brigade Electronics said an average of seven workers die each year as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant on construction sites, while a further 93 are seriously injured.

“It is clear that vehicle safety systems should always be considered in the drive towards safer worksites,” Emily added. “Technology should be embraced as an opportunity for risk reduction and lower costs. We hope our plant operators guide will be a useful free resource for any company considering investment in this area.”

The guide be downloaded for free from