Mecalac confirms double tiltrotator launch

MECALAC has unveiled its new MR50 and MR60 tiltrotators and dedicated grading buckets, available for the manufacturer’s crawler and wheeled excavators fitted with the CONNECT hydraulic quick coupler.

The integrated solution comprises a tiltrotator between two CONNECT quick couplers, fitted directly at the factory, alongside a specially designed grading bucket. Mecalac explained that the MR50 and MR60 products allow for a 360° rotation in both directions, as well as a 40° tilt left and right for various attachments, including hydromechanical tools such as grapples.

Véronique Kennerson, product specialist for excavators at Mecalac, said, “Fully integrated into the machine, our tiltrotators further enhance the versatility and productivity of Mecalac excavators. Thanks to their sandwich mounting between two CONNECT quick couplers, the operator can easily remove either the tool or the entire tool-tiltrotator system to immediately resume work with a 4×1 or loader bucket, for example.

“Another great advantage is that the Mecalac tiltrotator, while extremely robust and powerful, is also one of the lightest on the market.”

The tiltrotators come with or without a grap module and are already available for the 11MWR and 9MWR wheeled excavators. Over the coming months, they will gradually be introduced for the 8MCR and 10MCR crawler skid excavators, followed by the 15MWR wheeled excavator, the 15MC crawler excavator and finally the 12MTX wheeled excavator loader.