Kubota looks to drive down emissions with double machine launch

KUBOTA has added to its Smart Energy Solutions range with the launch of an LPG-powered mini digger and a fully electric track dumper.

The new KX019-4 SI HGL mini excavator and KC70H-4e track dumper utilise low and zero emissions technology.

Powered by LPG, the KX019-4 SI HGL’s spark ignition engine is said by Kubota to enable ‘dramatically’ reduced emissions and toxicity in the familiar form factor while offering the same levels of performance and productivity as the standard KX019-4. Compared to diesel engines, the manufacturer added that the new excavator emits ‘almost zero’ particulate matter and reduces nitrous oxide and hydrocarbon emissions to just 5% of an equivalent diesel engine.

Kubota’s spark ignition engine no longer requires a diesel particulate filter.

The KX019-4 LPG boasts a 2.5m dig depth. The KC70H-4e, meanwhile, is described as offering the same performance and productivity improvements introduced with the KC70 in a fully electric, zero-emission solution.

Glen Hampson, construction division manager at Kubota, said, “We believe our customers shouldn’t have to compromise on productivity or power when it comes to the tools that help them get the job done. That’s why when we introduce a new technology, such as the KX019-4 SI HGL (LPG) spark ignition engine or the KC70H-4e’s lithium battery, we do so in a way that ensures our customers can rely on the machine’s quality and reliability just as much as before.

“Both new machines offer the same power and capabilities our customers expect, alongside new enhancements set to reduce Kubota’s impact on the planet and deliver on our mission: For Earth, For Life.

“We can’t wait to get these new machines into the hands of customers to show them the future of the Kubota line-up.”