Volvo dealer shows commitment to CESAR ECV initiative

SMT GB has been announced as the latest distributor to fit CESAR Emission Compliance Verification (ECV) as standard, to Volvo’s range of GPE machinery prepared at the company’s facilities at Immingham in Lincolnshire.

The CESAR ECV was launched in 2019 in partnership with the Construction Equipment Association (CEA). The ‘bolt-on’ product complements the CESAR Security System, providing verification of a machine’s emissions category.

The initiative was developed by Datatag and the CEA to meet growing demand for an easy and reliable way to confirm the emissions category of construction equipment.

ECV, using tamper-evident colour-coded labels with a unique alpha/numeric code, is linked to a machine’s unique CESAR identity.

“SMT GB believes that fitting the new ECV plate as standard makes it even easier for our customers to show what engine stage their machines are,” said operations director Paul Kersley. “The scheme is offered as standard across our GPE range and will start to be fitted to compact machines soon.”

Kevin Howells, CEO of Datatag, added, “SMT GB join a growing number of leading OEM’s to upgrade to the CESAR ECV scheme on their UK machines. The CESAR ECV scheme combines the prestigious CESAR security system with a new emissions identifier, making use of the extensive CESAR database, to create unique profiles of all machines. Helping fight theft and emissions together.”