Latest Kobelco models offer ‘new generation in excavator performance and design’

KOBELCO has added two new models to its excavator portfolio in the 50-tonne class.

The all-new SK500LC-11 and larger SK530LC-11 are described by the manufacturer as benefiting from ‘increased speed and performance, improved reliability and maintenance, state-of-the-art ergonomics and design’.

Both models are Stage V-compliant. Weighing over 50 tonnes, the SK500LC-11’s engine performance is boosted by a new turbocharged 13-litre Hino engine. Kobelco said improvements in performance mean the machine’s cycle time has been shortened by 5.1% (compared to H-mode on the SK500LC-10), fuel consumption has improved by 5.4% (compared to S-mode on the SK500LC-10) and productivity has increased by 6.2% (compared to Eco-mode on the SK500LC-10).

The SK500LC-11 is best suited to general construction applications, while the SK530LC-11 is described as ‘ideal’ for general construction and quarrying.

The SK500LC-11 has a higher operating weight (50,400kg) when compared with the previous SK500LC-10, leading to increased stability. Both new machines feature high hydraulic pressure (Heavy Lift) for greater lifting power at close radius.

The SK530LC-11 has an operating weight of 53 tonnes and boasts an adjustable undercarriage. Kobelco said its track gauge can extend to 2,890mm, while when retracted, the overall width of the crawler is just 2,990mm.

The cabins in the new machines include the Kobelco-branded Grammer heated and air suspended seat. The seat moves together with the armrests and hydraulic controls to help reduce fatigue. The position of the armrest and controls in relation to the seat can be adjusted easily at the same time, while the jog dial also controls multiple functions on the 10-inch colour monitor.

Air conditioning comes as standard and the cabin is equipped with a DAB+ radio and 12V power outlet. Visibility is enhanced by three standard cameras on the left, right and rear sides of the machine. An optional walkway on the left side of the machine can be installed for easier inspection and cleaning of the machine’s cooling system elements.

Kobelco added that the engine fan belt is equipped with an auto-tensioner for reduced maintenance requirements, a reversible cooling fan has been introduced to guarantee radiator cleanliness, and heated urea lines help prevent clogging issues at colder ambient temperatures.

Both the SK500LC-11 and SK530LC-11 models are available with standard boom and three arm variations, or as a Mass Excavation model with a short boom and short arm.

Product manager Peter Stuijt said, “The SK500LC-11 and SK530LC-11 represent a new generation in excavator performance and design. Years of research, coupled with feedback from our customers, has resulted in the development of new breed of heavy machines that excel in performance comfort and operability.

“First impressions of the SK500LC-11 from our dealer, Comet Loc, in southern France are extremely positive, with operators reporting that the new machine is very fast, accurate and easy to drive. They also report that the stability is very good when loading rocks, and the high level of comfort in the new cab is appreciated.”