Kubota launches new generation of micro excavators

KUBOTA has unveiled its new generation of micro excavators in the form of the K008-5 and U10-5.

Replacing the K008-3, U10-3 and U10-3SL models, Kubota said the new machines will allow users to bring ‘increased power’, provided by Kubota-designed Stage V engines, to ‘more places than ever before’.

Track widths are adjustable to as little as 0.7m (K008-5) and 0.75m (zero tail swing U10-5). The exterior on both models has been redesigned for increased comfort and safety. The U10-5 offers a side lever joystick as standard and both models boast a more durable seat and more ergonomic console.

Additional standard features include an engine safety start, expanded control lock system, orange seat belt and alarm, alongside green beacon capability and LED boom lights.

Glen Hampson, construction division manager at Kubota, said, “The new K008-5 and U10-5 models are the culmination of years of ongoing product development and investment with the aim of improving the design and performance of some of the most popular micro excavators available on the market. The new machines bring innovations first seen in our largest excavators to this smaller form factor, so that Kubota can offer users unrivalled safety, reliability and performance, without having to compromise on weight and size.”