Liebherr in double electric excavator launch

LIEBHERR has announced the launch of two new electric crawler excavators.

The R 976-E and the R 980 SME-E replace the ER 974 B for mine and quarry extraction.

The diggers, weighing 90 and 100 tonnes respectively, are available in backhoe and shovel versions.

The electric system in the R 976-E 400 kW crawler excavator is supplied with 6000 V power via a cable connection, with the cable inlet in the centre of the undercarriage, or on the sides if requested. A motor cable drum is also available as an option.

Liebherr explained that the R 976-E’s low-voltage electric ‘squirrel-cage’ engine drives the hydraulic system. The engine features heat shielding on bearings and motor windings. The two electrical cabinets are assembled by welding into a structure specifically designed to withstand extreme working conditions. The lockable watertight (IP 65) doors are fitted with safety switches and an emergency stop.

Both new models feature an automatic permanent air-conditioning and heating system within the cab, while the exterior has a 270° camera system as well as an armoured windscreen and roof window.