Sunbelt Rentals in new telematics investment

SUNBELT Rentals UK has teamed up with ZTR to launch a new telematics programme.

The access management software will be applied to all of Sunbelt’s powered access fleet. The hire specialist said the investment of almost £1 million will introduce a ‘new standard of safety and telematics operations’ to the UK market.

Sunbelt added that it is aware customers are facing ‘increased issues’ with access control from unauthorised use, theft or unsafe operation.

Mick Ledden, director of operational excellence at Sunbelt Rentals, said, “We’ll address these challenges with our new powered access telemetry programme by offering sustainable and safe products which will ultimately elevate standards industry wide

“We’re not just rolling out this programme in fits and starts and it won’t be limited to retrofits. It will be the OEM standard as new powered access machines join our fleet. A focus for Sunbelt Rentals is to drive our customers and our own sustainability plans, this programme is a solid step in getting a key product line connected to our wider ‘IoT’ plans.”

Sunbelt added that it will offer a ‘complete user interface’ within its customer portal – Command Centre. The telematics data will feed into the portal and the Command Centre will give site managers visibility of their whole site. Customers will also be able to review usage and productivity.

Site managers can use additional features to validate and link IPAF PAL cards to an operator’s profile, or assign a unique keypad code that can be added to groups of machines, individual assets and/or operators.