CICV Forum calls for appointment of a dedicated Scottish construction minister

SCOTLAND’S CICV Forum has called for the appointment of a Scottish minister for construction in its first ever manifesto, published ahead of the Scottish elections in May.

Described as an ‘unprecedented show of co-operation, commitment and collaboration’, the manifesto highlights the steps required to secure a ‘viable and sustainable’ future for the construction industry.

Acting through the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum, a range of trade associations, professional bodies, companies and individuals have signed up to the manifesto’s proposals, which include a plea for a dedicated government minister for the construction industry, which would recognise its importance to the recovery and to the nation’s net zero aspirations.

The manifesto also proposes:

  • A chief construction adviser who would support the minister and focus on delivery aligned with whole asset performance
  • The development of an effective public sector maintenance and improvement programme 
  • The establishment of a VAT reimbursement fund for home repair and maintenance with a role for the Scottish National Infrastructure Bank 
  • Investment in affordable homes
  • Development of the skills arena
  • The introduction of a cycle network within the infrastructure investment plan
  • The encouragement of conflict avoidance.

Hew Edgar, associate director of policy at the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), and chair of the Forum’s future planning sub-group, said, “This manifesto is a declaration of intent, emerging from the environment of collaboration and co-operation which the CICV Forum has fostered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is the industry speaking with one voice, with an aim to benefit the future health, wealth and wellbeing of the country.

“In offering these proposed policy initiatives, the CICV Forum and its members demonstrate that they will continue to engage positively with the next Scottish Government, representatives in Holyrood and the wider sector to provide intelligence, best practice and advice.”